Forge Science



F.A.S.T was founded by John-Paul Bonansinga MD in 2020 expressly to accelerate the development, and rapid fielding, of Project: Rushlight technology. The innovative approaches to engineering, generated out of necessity as The Global Pandemic strained systems worldwide, form the foundation of our collaborative partnership.

The F.A.S.T approach to problem solving establishes lean manufacturing goals at the earliest stages of development. Our expertise ranges from manufacturing and project management to biosciences and medicine. Our eclectic team begins work towards design for excellence the second that general requirements are finalized.

We are only accepting clients by referral.

Chief of Operations:

Nick Hardy: Nick works as a Program Manager in the field of Industrial Engineering & Manufacturing.  He is a seasoned leader with 17-years in the United States Army and currently serves as an Infantry First Sergeant (E8) reservist. Nick’s involvement in F.A.S.T projects began in June 2021, and he has continuously expanded his skillset to meet the needs of the company. Nick earned his Bachelor of Science in Project Management from Colorado State University in 2020 and is currently attending University of Arkansas School of Engineering in pursuit of a Master of Science in Operations Management.  Nick is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) and Certified Lean Practitioner (CLP). As part of the CSSBB certification process, candidates must design and implement a new practice that results in a savings of $50,000 or more. Nick’s lean implementation project resulted in a savings of $1,000,000 for his company.

Chief Engineer:

Thomas Nuessen: Thomas is a highly skilled mechanical engineer with 15+ years of experience. He has a successful track record of driving the product development from ideation to production. His excellent communications skills have allowed him to engage cross-functional team members in a wide variety of departments. He has an eclectic engineering background with experience in pharmaceutical and medical devices, composites and offshore powerboats, and custom HVAC design. Key skills include new product development, precision sheet metal, additive manufacturing, quality analysis & inspection, prototyping, technical documentation, computer hardware, and customer relations. He currently holds 10 professional certifications including NCEES EIT and is a Certified Solidworks Professional.

CFO & Founder:

Crystal Maldonado MSN, APRN, CPNP-PC, FNP-C: Crystal has 15 years of clinical and hospital experience in the acute and emergency care setting. She holds 3 degrees including a Master of Science in Nursing for pediatric primary care and a Family Nurse Practitioner Post Master’s Certificate. She served as a Chairwoman on the Pediatrics Committee from 2012 to 2016 while at University Health Systems in San Antonio. Her comprehensive understanding of the dynamics associated with patient care have influenced aspects of medical device design projects. She has worked almost exclusively as a contracted emergency response provider since Fall 2020, with experience in austere and low resource settings. She is a key collaborator for translational research initiatives for hospital and patient care applications.

CEO & Founder:

John-Paul Bonansinga MD: Dr. Bonansinga is a former United States Army Ranger and Dept. of Defense Foreign Service Officer with extensive leadership experience both on the battlefield and in the civilian sector. He received his medical degree from University of Texas Health & Science Center in San Antonio in 2022. As a medical doctor, he is an expert in human physiology and biological sciences. Dr. Bonansinga earned his Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from University of Texas at Dallas, where he conducted undergraduate research in the field of neuroimmunology. He possesses advanced knowledge in the field of genetics, developmental biology, neuroscience and has completed graduate coursework in Lean Manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Bonansinga is a self-taught gun smith, electronics engineer, and musician. Hobbyist pursuits have resulted in the generation of a novel phosphating process, proprietary 1911 ignition geometry, and 200+ guitar effects circuits.